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Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Front Page 
NEW A Frank Discussion About the Ross Aragon Community Center, Part Three : Mr. Roane was not able to discover how that money was spent...
Bill Hudson | 10/24/14
NEW Poll Shows Lack of Support for Casinos Amendment : The university surveyed 500 Colorado adults who said they were very likely to vote or had already voted...
Todd Engdahl | 10/24/14
A Frank Discussion About the Ross Aragon Community Center, Part Two : 'What expenses comprise 'Occupancy' as used by the Coalition in its tax returns?'
Bill Hudson | 10/23/14
The Magical World of Roberto Garcia, Part Two : 'Not only does a statue need to be technically correct, it has to be beautiful...'
DC Duncan | 10/23/14
Town Tourism Committee Event Application Deadline Tomorrow : Criteria for funding consideration will include the potential for positive economic impact...
Special to the Post | 10/23/14
The Magical World of Roberto Garcia, Part One : 'I just love it up here. We don't want to live anywhere else in the world...'
DC Duncan | 10/22/14
Opinions & Letters 
LETTER: Thoughts About a 'Convention of States', Part Two : He also said, 'The powers delegated by the Constitution to the federal government are few and defined...'
Camille Cazedessus | 10/23/14
LETTER: Intimidated and Harassed by a Corrupt City Government : This has been ongoing for the past 5 years... and in 5 years, I have only received 23% of my water...
Nancy Dominic | 10/23/14
LETTER: Taking a Shot at Lead Shot : I must have consumed some lead as a child, although it never occurred to me to eat paint flakes...
Jerry L. Modisette | 10/22/14
EDITORIAL: Rick Palacio Makes a Statement : 'El Gobernador John Hickenlooper es un líder y su record habla por sí solo...'
Bill Hudson | 10/22/14
LETTER: Thoughts About a 'Convention of States', Part One : For instance, the 26th Amendment, lowering the voter age to 18...
Camille Cazedessus | 10/22/14
LPEA Under Fire for 'Smart Meter' Policies : Numerous co-op members concluded that the meeting was a sham...
Diana Luppi | 10/21/14
Arts, Culture, Community 
Meet the 'Misterman' Cast at PSCA : Thingamajig Theatre Co. has boldly chosen a new work about madness...
Special to the Post | 10/23/14
LIBRARY NEWS: Kids Need Math Skills : This evening marks the second of the library’s free six-week fall Lifelong Leaning Lecture series...
Carole Howard & Library Staff | 10/23/14
VIDEO: Shelby Lynne Coming to Community Concert Hall : Local blues man Kirk James opens the show on November 1...
Indiana Reed | 10/21/14
LIBRARY NEWS: Free Lifelong Learning Lectures Resume this Evening : First topic is 'The Making of Lucky Henry Walker,' a talk by John Porter...
Carole Howard & Library Staff | 10/16/14
Community Rights Group Aims for 2015 Ballot : The Community Rights Amendment was delayed entry to the ballot in 2014 through legal challenges...
Cliff Willmeng | 10/16/14
Enter Your Pumpkin in Humane Society Carving Contest : Prizes include gift baskets with lots of goodies and thrift store gift certificates...
Mike Stoll | 10/15/14
Business, Health, Education 
NEW Get 'Em While They're Hot: Hot Springs Banners : Please submit application by November 30 for 2015 events...
Special to the Post | 10/24/14
Democrats Spending Big on School Board Races : A political committee affiliated with Democrats for Education Reform has spent nearly $126,866...
Todd Engdahl | 10/23/14
Colorado Encyclopedia in the Works : $199,639 grant will support a new online resource...
Sandy Tucker | 10/23/14
Teachers Union Survey Finds Lack of Support for Testing, Common Core : 'The survey confirms the actual experience parents and teachers are having all over Colorado...'
Special to the Post | 10/22/14
Colorado Supreme Court Upholds PERA Retirement Cuts : PERA doesn’t have an estimate for how much is saved every year by the COLA reduction...
Todd Engdahl | 10/21/14
Cutting Red Tape on Recreation Jobs : 'I have worked on public lands and in Colorado tourism my entire life...'
Mike Saccone | 10/20/14
Recreation & Environment 
New Website Tracking 'Transfer' of Public Lands : 'Our incredible system of national parks, national monuments, national forests belong to all Americans...'
Jessica Goad | 10/23/14
RECREATION NEWS: Register for November Session of Gymnastics : Cost is $35 for one day per week for regular classes or $70 for two days per week...
Special to the Post | 10/22/14
Coming Soon to a Park Near You: The Ice Rink : We will be open 7 days a week for your skating pleasure...
Tari Wood | 10/20/14
Petition Seeks to Outlaw Lead Ammunition : 'The day I had to help euthanize her was the day I decided I was going to work towards getting lead banned in Colorado...'
Yasmina Dardari | 10/17/14
Coalition Launched to Protect Colorado Headwaters : 'The issues facing the Colorado River Basin are as vast as the watershed itself...'
Molly Haigh | 10/16/14
Audubon Club to Discuss Climate Effects on Bird Populations : How climate change could fundamentally impact hundreds of species of birds across North America...
Becky Herman | 10/15/14
Essays, Poetry, Humor 
ESSAY: Stop the Killing : I believe we should try very hard to hear the grievances of people in Iraq and the region...
Kathy Kelly | 10/20/14
ESSAY: More Than Just Good Karma : It is very clear that women’s wages still lag behind men’s in most every industry...
Laura Finley | 10/14/14
ESSAY: Make Believe : On this particular afternoon, he was a polishing a little ditty he'd co-written with his friends Yip and Billy...
Bill Hudson | 10/3/14
HAIKU : aspens glow lemon, gold, pumpkin-red...
Susan J. Tweit | 10/1/14
ESSAY: The Future of Civil Society : What might have been the implications beyond Scotland if it had gained independence?
Mel Gurtov | 9/30/14
ESSAY: Peace is Breaking Out All Over the World : Also, the number of organizations succeeding in promoting peace is impressive and increasing...
Steven Youngblood | 9/29/14

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