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Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Front Page 
NEW Colorfest Events Begin Today with Passport to Pagosa : Colorfest runs September 19-21 and includes various activities and events throughout the weekend...
Cindi Galabota | 9/19/14
NEW Dreaming the Pagosa Springs Skyline, Part Three : 'I also might sell a lot or two, you know, depending on my finances. So I'd like to have the ability to do that....'
Bill Hudson | 9/19/14
VIDEO: Pagosa Springs Medical Center Plans for Growth : The video also highlights medical milestones in our community...
Special to the Post | 9/18/14
PHOTO ESSAY: Hunting Butterflies at Walmart : We were impressed with the progress at the construction site... or, at least, I was...
Bill Hudson | 9/18/14
South 6th Street Closure Announced : 'We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...'
Special to the Post | 9/18/14
Dreaming the Pagosa Springs Skyline, Part Two : As a community, we want to promote development that supports and retains our town's character...
Bill Hudson | 9/17/14
Opinions & Letters 
NEW OPINION: 82 Colorado Faith Leaders Oppose Amendment 67  : 'This amendment would impose one religious viewpoint in our state constitution...'
Cara DeGette | 9/19/14
NEW LETTER: American Exceptionalism : Apparently, we should forget hundreds of inventions that helped all of mankind...
Camille Cazedessus | 9/19/14
EDITORIAL: Colorado, Your Public Corporation : 'The new brand embodies our state's upward momentum and will help Colorado attract top talent...'
Bill Hudson | 9/18/14
LETTER: We Can Bring Change to Washington : Congress certainly won't propose amending the constitution in such a way as to limit its power and reach...
Glen E. Terrell | 9/18/14
LETTER: Save the Shale Hill : How will this affect the San Juan River and the drainage that will come from such construction on a site so close?
J. Mencor Valdez | 9/17/14
LETTER: Misery, Education, and a Trip to Mexico : Got D's in History and Biology. Escaped to France for my Jr. Year and majored in French...
Anna O'Reilly | 9/17/14
Arts, Culture, Community 
NEW Golf Women Choose Thingamajig Theatre as 2015 Charity : PSWGA members have raised more than $71,000 for different Pagosa charities...
Carole Howard | 9/19/14
NEW 'Oktoberfest' Planned for Durango September 27-28 : Family-friendly festival offers something for all ages...
Indiana Reed | 9/19/14
BOOK EXCERPT: 21st Century Superhuman Quantum Lifestyle' : 'We are being irresistibly drawn into a surreal and empowering future...'
Cary Ellis | 9/18/14
LIBRARY NEWS: Help Celebrate 'Banned Books Week' : We agree with the position of the American Library Association...
Carole Howard & Library Staff | 9/18/14
Luminosity Talks Will Feature Parks Manager Jim Miller on Monday : Jim's muse is significantly enhanced by being on-site in the parks...
Lynnzie Sutton | 9/18/14
Sign Up Now for 'Mountain Chile Cha Cha' Contest : The seventh annual Patty Aragon Green Chile Classic will offer up more than $600 in prize money...
Special to the Post | 9/17/14
Business, Health, Education 
NEW October 11 'Seeds of Doubt' Conference to Address GMOs : World-renowned experts, professional and local authorities will present the latest scientific research...
Special to the Post | 9/19/14
NEW Panhellenic Women Meet in Pagosa for Ninth Annual Luncheon : Several women traveled from Durango, Farmington and Santa Fe to participate...
Carole Howard | 9/19/14
Hispanic Students See Expanded Opportunities at Adams State : 'Our economic success in the 21st century depends on a well-educated workforce...'
Philip Clelland | 9/18/14
Town Tourism Committee to Discuss 2015 Event Funding Today : 'The Town Tourism Committee has scheduled an events subcommittee meeting for Wednesday, September 17th...'
Special to the Post | 9/17/14
New Certification for First Southwest's Dan Osby : This training program and certification is sponsored by the Independent Community Bankers of America...
Carla Cortes | 9/17/14
Sen. Udall Denounces Defeat of Student Loan Relief Effort : 'But all too often, student loan debt holds them back, making it harder for Coloradans to invest in their futures...'
Mike Saccone | 9/17/14
Recreation & Environment 
National Parks Service Announces 'Partnership Awards' : 'These incredibly dedicated partners have raised the bar for cooperation and support...'
Special to the Post | 9/18/14
Hunting Opportunities for Ability-Impaired in Ridgway : No other hunting is allowed in the area and the hunt will be guided...
Special to the Post | 9/15/14
Groups File Appeal on Longmont Fracking Ban : 'The judge failed to apply the law correctly and the decision deserves review by the higher courts...'
Alan Septoff | 9/11/14
Enter Drawing for 2014 High Quality Hunts in Meeker Colorado : The ranch features a variety of habitat, including high elevation aspen and conifer forest...
Special to the Post | 9/10/14
Prescribed Burn Set for Turkey Springs Area : Ignition operations may take place over several consecutive days...
Ann Bond | 9/9/14
Pagosa Nordic Membership Prize Drawing September 26 : Early Season Membership Drive with chance to win a FREE Wolf Creek Season Ski Pass...
James Dickhoff | 9/8/14
Essays, Poetry, Humor 
ESSAY: Nationalist Illusions : This rhetoric, of course, is the lead-in to yet another American-led war in the Middle East...
Lawrence Wittner | 9/15/14
HAIKU : forty-four degrees...
Susan J. Tweit | 9/12/14
HAIKU : rainís gentle patter...
Susan J. Tweit | 9/9/14
ESSAY: The True Poverty Rate : Letís be clear ó poverty, especially if youíre born into it, can be difficult to escape
Emily Cleath | 9/8/14
ESSAY: The Irony of U.S. Foreign Policy : Ironically, President Obama has been getting high-profile criticism from those wishing he had been more aggressive...
Stephen Zunes | 9/3/14
ESSAY: Educating the Taliban : Education is one critical investment we can make as a global society toward the eradication of organized violence...
Rizwan Zulfiqar Bhutta | 9/2/14

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