Kathy Steventon | 6/19/09
Hiya. PLEASED to meet you I’m sure! I should stop shaking in about ten minutes, I get a little scared when I first meet new humans. Then I calm down, especially if the human is calm too. I don’t shake all the time, just when I first meet you.

My name is Gizmo, and a really nice Pagosa human saved my life recently. I was abandoned in Taos, NM, and as you can see, I’m not really tough enough to fend for myself. My old human family just dumped me off and drove away. I cried and shook and was so scared. I couldn’t find any food, and tried to just hide myself, and make my body smaller, so that no one would hurt me. I’m just about FIVE pounds now, and my healthy weight is around 8 or 10 pounds. I was starving to death when a Pagosa human found me and took me here to the Humane Society shelter. She saved my life for sure and I am so grateful to her.  Many humans just ignored my plight, but this one stepped up to the plate and intervened on my behalf.  Continued...
So here I am, at the shelter, and am trying to gain some weight back. Right now I am as light as a feather and you can feel every bone in my body. The lady who is writing my story couldn’t get over how tiny I was. She and I walked into the nearby field, where the grasses towered over my head. Then we lay down in the sun together, and I did my best to curl up next to her, close my eyes, and just relax. It’s been a pretty stressful road for me recently, but my time here at the shelter is definitely a step in the right direction.

Now all I need is to find a permanent family to take me home. I think that I would be a perfect companion to an older human, someone who has a calm lifestyle and has time for me. I’m older too, probably middle-aged in dog years. I’m blind in one eye, and have lost some teeth. The loving shelter humans laugh at my weird looks, even my tongue is different! It hangs off to the side of my face, giving me a pretty comical demeanor.  When I first got here I was a ball of matted fluff. Since they shaved off all that hot and dirty hair, I’m a skinny bundle of joy that make all the shelter humans laugh!

And I’d probably make YOU laugh too!

So how about it? Are you looking for a tiny, comical canine to bring joy into your life? If you say “yes”, then here I am, over at the shelter on Cloman Blvd., just off Piedra Road. Give them a call, 970-731-4771 and tell them “I would like to visit Gizmo from the Pagosa Daily Post article”. I’ll be looking for you with my comical grin. Let’s go for a walk!

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