OPINION: Federal Debt Reduction Required
Rep. Scott Tipton | 3/30/12
Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a bold plan that creates economic certainty by cutting wasteful government spending, and empowering American families and businesses to rebuild their savings accounts and create new jobs.  Our plan stands up for seniors, businesses, American families, taxpayers and future generations.
The American people deserve more than the continued reckless spending put forward in the President’s budget proposal, which would bankrupt our country by expanding the national debt to $26 trillion over the next decade.  
Our country is $15.4 trillion in debt, and this year our publicly held debt will reach 73% of our entire economy.  If Washington fails to act, the situation could reach a point at which government can no longer fund the programs that so many Americans rely on.
The House budget addresses our country’s debt crisis by cutting more than $5 trillion in spending; it makes sure that our troops have the tools they need and prioritizes our national security; it protects access to care for seniors and ensures that programs like Medicare are put on a sustainable course; and takes responsible steps to get our country moving in the right direction.
I urge my Senate colleagues to quickly take up this budget for a vote, and put an end to their more than 1000-day streak of failing to pass a budget.

Scott Tipton represents the 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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