OPINION: 'TBD Colorado' Describes Our Future Needs
Special to the Post | 11/15/12

TBD Colorado engaged more than 1,200 Coloradans in an unprecedented effort to learn about, discuss and provide input on some of the most important issues facing this state. Fortified by clear, accurate data vetted by diverse panels of subject matter experts and supported by a process designed to foster discussion and identify ways forward, Coloradans engaged in a process to determine the future of their state. 

Like most important conversations, TBD Colorado started with values. Even in a state as diverse as ours, there are fundamental principles that transcend geography, political party, race and ethnicity, and income status. Coloradans hold education, the outdoors and environment, efficiency and effectiveness, diversity, community and family, and personal responsibility as shared values.

The 2012 phase of TBD Colorado focused on five issues: education, health, transportation, state budget and state workforce. For each, participants reviewed data, considered a variety of options, and then worked to identify those they considered to be the highest priority. Some of the highlights include:

  • Supporting expanded access to kindergarten and preschool
  • Improving healthcare for those on Medicaid by making the program more flexible and effective
  • Building a better transportation system to support our lifestyle and to promote economic
  • growth
  • Finding new ways to ensure that the state’s budget is aligned with priorities and that there is
  • adequate revenue to provide the services residents want
  • Recognizing the hard work of state employees and rewarding their performance

In its Core Finding, the board of directors concurs with participants and analysts who conclude that Colorado’s current fiscal situation is unsustainable and calls upon Coloradans to continue to participate in determining a pathway to realize our vision for Colorado.

Click here to download the full 6-page report.


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