Revitalizing Empty Store Fronts in Time for the Holidays
Lauri Heraty | 12/17/12

It’s that time of year – Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County government entities are hammering  out and finalizing 2013 budgets.  Businesses in the community, at least partly dependent on government funding, are scrambling to figure out what do in light of the fact they have been cut out or received far less than anticipated.

All the while, a small little group (maybe 6-7)  non-government related/dependent volunteers has set about to make a difference in our little town ahead of what is historically Pagosa Springs busiest Holiday Season.  They are part of the “Imagine Pagosa movement which resulted out of Downtown Colorado, Inc. meetings held this past November 13th-14th.  They call themselves “Imaginers” and via an e-mail received by the Daily Post, here is what they have accomplished in just a couple short weeks with a few small private donations, no boards, no officers, no red tape.

Here's a note from PSCDC board member Udgar Parsons:

Greetings Fellow Imaginers,

Just thought I would fill us all in on progress so far.

City Market (Old Downtown):  We have access to the store and to the Old Dorothy’s Restaurant so far.  We have electricity outside and solar lights on all the store windows.  We will have to clean the snow off of the panels on Monday. Plans are to have the kid’s art in all the store windows. Big red hearts on the 3 doors to the market, Christmas light and a big Banner above the doors with “We believe in Pagosa” in white letters on Black.  There will be a Kid’s Cowboy Christmas Event on Saturday afternoon complete with Fire Engines. We are planning to have the Kids art walk fully together by then.

Framed Art:  Doors and More is providing frames for other art projects by Tuesday. If we can paint them they should be ready by Thursday to start hanging.  Anyone have time to paint?

602 San Juan St: Lights, wreaths and garlands are up

257 Pagosa St (next to Handcrafted Interiors):  We have access. Can anyone help with decorating this Monday afternoon. Lights, wreaths and garlands are ready to go.

Let’s meet again this Thursday (December 20th) at Noon at the Chamber and do a big decorating splurge that afternoon.
Does anyone have time Tues/ Wed /Thursday to paint frames and mount the art in the frames?

We will have access to the old gas station soon.

— Imagine Downtown Vacant Store Front Revitalizers
The group is welcomes any additional help or supplies. Christmas light donations for vacant stores are graciously appreciated. Donations can be left at The Chamber of Commerce. Due to the snowy road conditions, if you are unable to get out, the Imaginers would be happy to pick up such donations. E-mail Udgar Parsons at


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