Local J.R. Ford Honored as 'Top Thinker of 2012' by Denver Post
Lauri Heraty | 1/14/13

Local businessman,  J.R. Ford honored by the Denver Post this weekend as one of the “Top Thinkers of 2012” in the category of energy. Many of you have followed Mr. Ford’s story as a ranch manager, land developer, land conservationist, hospital activist to mastermind behind Renewable Forest Energy LLC.

Back in June of 2012, RFE was awarded a $4.5 million dollar contract from the U.S. Forest Service to thin out portions of the National Forest with the goal of reducing fire danger and slowing the unfortunately inevitable Pine Beetle infestation creeping over Wolf Creek Pass and other parts of Colorado ravaging our pristine forests.

The story thus far doesn’t ring of “Top Thinkers of 2012” material; that is until you add that Mr. Ford will be using the woody biomass removed from the National Forest to generate relatively clean energy. 

Numerous articles about Ford’s technological leap of faith and opportunities for this alternative energy source have appeared in the Pagosa Daily Post, Durango Herald and other news sources both online and in print. I have provided a small sampling of J.R. Ford’s Renewable Forest Energy LLC press in the links below.

Local Power, Healthier Forests, Pagosa Daily Post

Local Entrepreneur Wins Forest Thinning Contract, Pagosa Daily Post

Colo. Biomass Developer Awarded Access to National Forestland, Biomass Magazine

Cashing in the (Wood) Chips, Durango Herald

Sounds Dull, but Federal Contract is Exciting News, Durango Herald

Logs in the Road: Eliminating Federal Red Tape and Excessive Litigation to Create Health Forests, Jobs and Abundant Water and Power Supplies, J.R. Fords testimony to The Department of Natural Resources, May 12, 2012

Congratulations (once again) J.R. Ford!



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