Sheriff's Department Police Blotter
April Owens, SDPIO | 12/15/06
Sheriff's Office Incident Reports:  Monday, December 4 through Monday, December 11

Monday, December 4:
  • Trespass, Core.
Tuesday, December 5:
  •  Investigation, Downtown District.
  •  Found property, Vista.
  •  Harassment, Lakes.
Wednesday, December 6:
  • Drug violation, Aspen Springs.
Thursday, December 6:
  • Abandoned vehicle, Downtown District.
  • Drug report, Core.
  • Request officer, Aspen Springs.
Friday, December 8:
  • Trespass, Lakes.
Saturday, December 9:
  • Assault, Lakes.
  • Fight, Arboles.
  • Fight/Assault, Vista.
Sunday, December 10:
  • Breaking and entering, Lakes.
  • Theft, Lakes.
  • Documentation, Core.
  • Theft, Lakes.
Monday, December 11:
  • Theft, Core.
  • Verbal disturbance, Core.
  • Verbal disturbance, Core.
Sheriff’s Office Jail Bookings for State, County, and Town Police:  November 28 through December 11

Tuesday, November 28:
  • Christopher Frances Borne, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Damage to private property, domestic violence.
Wednesday, November 29:
  • Christopher Kelly Bean, Longmont, CO.  Mittimus on failure to appear.
  • Noah Clay Henderson, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Warrant for felony menacing.
Thursday, November 30:
  • Christopher Schmitt, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Criminal trespass.
Friday, December 1:
  • Tracy Marvin Deschamps, Ridgeway, CO.  Contempt of Court (divorce).
  • Blair Dean Jackson, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Second-Degree assault.
  • Joshua Michael Nelson, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Municipal warrant, Contempt of Court.
Saturday, December 2:
  • Christopher Kelly Bean, Longmont, CO.  Warrant for failure to appear, Gunnison, CO.
  • Drew Wesley Ricker, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Bail bond violation, Contempt of Court.
  • Jason William Woodruff, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Violation of restraining order, bail bond violation, possession of marijuana.
Sunday, December 3:
  • Jill K. Hawkey, Arboles, CO.  Warrant for failure to appear, La Plata County.
Monday, December 4:
  • Michael Roman Galanski, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Bail bond violation, violation of restraining order, third-degree criminal trespass.
Tuesday, December 5:
  • Dylan Brent Sanchez, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Department of Corrections hold.
  • Douglas Alexander Drane, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Colorado warrant, Contempt of Court.
Wednesday, December 6:
  • Teddie A. Casali, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Thursday, December 7:
  • Daniel Aguirre, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Driving while license under restraint.
  • Shayne Pavlovich, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Out-of-State arrest warrant.
Friday, December 9:
  • Bradley Martin Davis, Pagosa Springs, CO.  Third-Degree assault, harassment, prohibited use of a weapon, criminal mischief, domestic violence.
Saturday, December 10:
  • Anthony Jesse Lucero, Jr., Pagosa Springs, CO.  Violation of restraining order, third-degree assault.
Sunday, December 11:
  • John Paul Trujillo, Pagosa Springs, CO.  During while license under restraint, mittimus (30).
DUD:   Driving with a suspended license.
DUI:  Driving under the influence.
DUI per se:  Driving with blood alcohol or breathalyzer alcohol over a certain limit.
DUR:  Driving with license under restraint.
DWAI:  Driving while ability impaired.
FTA:    Failure to appear.
Mittimus:  A warrant granted by a justice that commits a party charged with a crime directly to prison from the courtroom.

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