It's Girl Scout Cookie Time
Special to the Post | 1/17/08

What’s inside a box of Girl Scout Cookies? Yes, you will find your favorite tasty treats, but a box of Girl Scout Cookies represents a lot more than the cookies themselves! When someone purchases a box of cookies, they support local Girl Scout troop and council activities, as well as help girls gain valuable skills that they will use all of their lives. In fact, since 1933, the Girl Scout Cookie Activity has become a famous annual event that has helped build girls’ self-confidence and help them develop their own personal leadership style.

Booth Sales at retail locations in the Pagosa area will be from Februry 15-March 9.  The Girl Scouts of Colorado website and the local service center phone number in Durango, 970-375-7913, are useful if for people if they want to buy cookies but haven’t seen a Girl Scout in their neighborhood.  Supporters can purchase the cookies online from now until March 9.

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity helps girls, ages 6 to 18, learn to set goals, communicate, manage money, work as a team, plan a strategy to achieve goals, and make and stick to a budget. Many of today’s successful women have credited their business skills to this program, making it the premier business and economic literacy training program for girls in the United States.

Whether it's by buying cookies, being a volunteer or as a parent, we hope you'll support a Girl Scout this year during the 2008 Cookie Activity!


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