Results from WinterFest Contests
Bill Hudson | 2/13/08
The Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce staff were biting their nails last week, wondering if we had suffered "too much winter" to make the annual WinterFest celebration possible to stage successfully.  Some events were canceled due to an overabundance of snow — including the popular SnoCross snowmobile races — and some events were "on-again, off-again" as the snow removal effort progressed throughout the community.  As Friday arrived, however, the weather remained sunny and reasonably temperate, and several events pulled decent crowds.  (Many spectators and participants were suffering from "over-shoveling" ailments, no doubt.) 

Here are some results from Saturday and Sunday events:

2008 “Anything Goes” Downhill Sled Race

Fastest Time
1st Place – Obie Scott
2nd Place – Nathan Keyawa – Derrik Hujes

Most Creative
Kenney Beck for the Pirate Ship (complete with mast!)

Best Distance
Obie Scott
2008 WinterFest Triathlon Final Times

1st place Women – Emily Deitz of Pagosa Springs – time 1.23.45
1st place Men – Steve Bringham of Del Norte – time 1.12.11

Participants in finishing order:
Steve Bringham of Del Norte– 1.12.11
Robbie Johnson of Pagosa Springs – 1.20.45
Emily Deitz of Pagosa Springs – 1.23.45
J.D. Kurz of Pagosa Springs – 1.30.08
Ben Witting of Pagosa Springs – 1.42.52
Jennifer Martin of Pagosa Springs – 1.42.52
Adrienne Panter-Haskamp of Pagosa Springs – 2.08.47
Dylon Caves of Pagosa Springs – 2.24.02

The team of Ming Steen, Tom Steen and Dana Stone – 1.23.56
2008 WinterFest Snow Sculpting
1st Place –   Greer Gang
2nd Place –  The Cordova Family
3rd Place –  Kelsey Weir

2008 WinterFest Snowman Building 
1st Place –   The Farrah Family
2nd Place –  The Stewart Family
3rd Place –   The Bradley Family

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