Snow Pack Report
Jerry Archuleta | 4/8/08
The snow survey measurements completed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for the April 1 streamflow forecasts show that the snowpack for San Juan Basin, which covers most of Southwest Colorado, is still above average at 126%. The statewide snowpack is also above average at 123%.  Snowpack levels have dropped due to warm dry weather during March.

Measurements from the Upper San Juan Sno-Tel site located west of Wolf Creek Pass summit at an elevation of 10,130-ft. shows a water content of 37.5 inches. This is 115% of the long-term average 32.5 inches. Last year, at this time the site was 55% of long term average.

The Wolf Creek Summit Sno-Tel site at an elevation of 11,000 ft. has a water content of 44.6 inches, which is 130% of the long-term average of 34.2 inches.  At this time last year, the site was 83% of average.

The Vallecito Sno-Tel site located near Vallecito Lake at an elevation of 10,880 ft shows a water content of 25 inches.  This is 128% of the long-term average of 19.6 inches.  Last year the site was 45% of average.

Averaging the Upper San Juan, Wolf Creek, and Vallecito sites together shows a local snowpack for the Pagosa Springs area at 124% of the long-term average.

Streamflows for this area are forecasted to be well above average for the upcoming runoff season. The Rio Blanco at the Blanco Diversion is forecasted to have streamflows at 157% of average, the Navajo River at the Oso Diversion is forecasted to have streamflows at 146% of average, The San Juan River at Carracus is forecasted at 153% of average and the Piedra River at Arboles is forecasted at 150% of average.  The streamflow forecasts are updated at the beginning of each month.

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