Studio Focus: June Jurcak
Linda Echterhoff | 9/19/08
“I paint in watercolor because of the illusion that this medium achieves. It expresses movement that captures the eye and causes the viewer to stop and examine the artwork over and over again.” June Jurcak’s watercolors are unique and pleasing. With her innate sensibilities, Jurcak combines a bit of realism with abstraction to create ethereal scenes of mountain trout, hummingbirds, dragon flies and other wildlife.

“My inspiration – to paint flowers, insects and hummingbirds – comes from spending time with my Grandma and Grandpa Lee (ages 80 and 91, respectively). Grandma has a story for each flower as we walk through their beautiful and perfectly-rowed flower beds.” Jurcak’s passion, ignited on these walks, energizes her art as does her zest for life. “I hope you, too, will find joy in the beauty and breadth of my painting.”  Continued...
Jurcak is a full-time artist, for whatever that means in an artist’s mind. “I paint using hand-ground pigments to achieve the brilliant colors in my works.” Jurcak has only painted in watercolor because of her own love of the look that is only achieved by this artistic medium. “Even as a child my mother would take my sister and me to art galleries and the occasional museum to enjoy the arts, and that was when I notice the freedom in watercolor; it was not like a photo.” Watercolor is the representation, movement, and continual enjoyment to look at over and over again and be permitted to see it differently.

Todd Klippenstein, owner of Chumani Gallery in Madrid, NM, saw Jurcak’s work and purchased several pieces for himself, then invited her to show her work at his gallery located along the famous Turquoise Trail. “I know that he also sees what I see which is why I paint, for the enjoyment people get when they see my work.”

The dynamic combination of wildlife and landscape of southern Colorado is what inspires Jurcak most. In her Hummingbird series, Jurcak celebrates this bird as the bringer of joy and happiness. Jurcak has truly captured the magic and fluidity of the Hummingbird’s movement. The aesthetic beauty of the Hummingbird coupled with the iridescent quality of Jurcak’s pigments has truly infused these birds with life.

Jurcak is represented locally by Wild Spirit Gallery and will be participating on this year’s Pagosa Springs Artist Studio Tour through Higher Grounds Coffee. Stop off at Higher Grounds Coffee, sip a warm brew of deliciously rich coffee, and watch Jurcak demonstrate her unique watercolor techniques. Discover her work, creative processes and more one on one during the Pagosa Springs Arts Council’s 2008 Pagosa Springs Artist Studio Tour. The event, to be held Saturday and Sunday September 20-21, 2008, Colorfest Celebration 2008 weekend, is FREE TO THE PUBLIC. The tour runs from 12 noon to 5 pm on both days.

Tour brochures are available through Pagosa Springs Arts Council, Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce, Pagosa Springs Community Center, Dogwood Café, Joy’s Natural Foods, Pagosa Artisans Co-op, Pagosa Pottery and the following sponsoring businesses; Art & Framing Center of Pagosa, Costume Pit Stop / The Garage, Higher Grounds Coffee, Lantern Dancer and Wild Spirit Gallery. You can also visit this webpage to download the tour map and directions, or call (970) 264-5020 for more information.

Come and enjoy a weekend of celebration of the arts and incredible fall colors. What’s your rush?

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