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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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NEW Registration Opens for 'Rural Philanthropy Days' : Our mountain towns are unique and special places of diversity, hardship, hard work, trading, community, family...
Special to the Post | 4/15/14
ESSAY: The Ludlow Massacre, A Personal Perspective : The silence was welcome until the sound of the conflagration around the camp was unmistakable...
Kirby Perschbacher | 4/14/14
VIDEO: PAWSD Candidates Speak at ACRW Luncheon : This seven-minute video will give you a taste of the five candidates for the PAWSD Board...
Bill Hudson | 4/11/14
Aspen Springs Headed for the Polls : 'TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN and particularly to the electors of the Aspen Springs Metropolitan District...'
Special to the Post | 4/11/14
Aspen Springs Heads into Well-Contested May 6 Election : Spotted in the lively crowd were some of the other 11 candidates...
DC Duncan | 4/10/14
Parks & Wildlife Commission Meets in Salida Tomorrow : Commission will meet April 10 and 11 to begin implementation of legislative changes...
Special to the Post | 4/9/14
PHOTO ESSAY: Celebrating Our Visitors Center : Archie the Bear invites guests to sign in as they enter the Visitor Center...
Cynda Green | 4/8/14
The Visitors Center, Revisited... Part Four : 'Speaking for the Chamber, we have always wanted the building to remain the Visitors Center....'
Bill Hudson | 4/7/14
The Visitors Center, Revisited... Part Three : A huge influx of money, more than tripling the community's financial tax resources available for tourism promotion...
Bill Hudson | 4/4/14
A Conversation with Mark Weiler : 'So the people who then bought some of those houses were young people with families...'
DC Duncan | 4/4/14
Pagosa Springs Middle School Recognized as Healthy School Champion : Middle School received an award in the amount of $5,000 based on the results...
Sara Bracken | 4/3/14
The Visitors Center, Revisited... Part Two : 'I count every night, when I walk to my truck, somewhere between 100 and 250 people in that river...'
Bill Hudson | 4/3/14
CPW Seeking Public Input on Mule Deer Policy : 'The declining mule deer population is concerning to our agency and many stakeholders across the state...'
Special to the Post | 4/3/14
The Visitors Center, Revisited... Part One : 'And hopefully, down the road, we'd have a group working together, rather than against each other...'
Bill Hudson | 4/2/14
Southern Ute Chairman Jimmy Newton 'Walks On' : 'Chairman Newton served this Tribe and its members for over a decade...'
Bill Hudson | 4/2/14
CPW Makes Changes to Landowner Policies : Private lands in Colorado play a critical role in keeping wildlife populations healthy and abundant....
Special to the Post | 4/1/14
Opinions & Letters 
NEW LETTER: Just the Facts, Please : I was delighted in 2010, when the organization addressed its sordid history of financial and operational neglect...
John Ramberg | 4/15/14
NEW LETTER: The Dry Gulch Debacle : So PAWSD and SJWCD spent lots of money on studies to justify their preconceived conclusions...
Burt Adams | 4/15/14
LETTER: Meeting with Candidate Dave West : As one of those 'newbies' I was a bit taken aback by the level of vitriol and the partisanship displayed...
Dave West | 4/14/14
LETTER: Time for a New, Customer-Oriented PAWSD Board : Failure to recognize that now is the time to deal with this enormous treated water loss is unconscionable...
Jan Clinkenbeard | 4/11/14
LETTER: Please Help Preserve Local Control of Our Communities : Mr. Sanderson and his industrial association are the same group who challenged Summit Countyís 2004 ban on cyanide...
John Lamb | 4/11/14
LETTER: The Magnitude of the PAWSD Election : The May 6 PAWSD election could have greater financial implications than did the recent Town election...
John Ramberg | 4/10/14
LETTER: Oil and Gas Industry Overlooks Key Data : Because of low natural gas prices, companies are moving operations away from gas and into oil...
Erin Moriarty | 4/10/14
OPINION: And the Winners Are... Part Two : We're pretty damn lucky, that we have this safe, reliable system of elections available to us...
Bill Hudson | 4/9/14
OPINION: A Beautiful Visitor Center for a Beautiful Town : What are our priorities? Will tourists even stop there?
Cynda Green | 4/8/14
OPINION: And the Winners Are... Part One : 'The less people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they sleep in the night...'
Bill Hudson | 4/8/14
LETTER: Misdirected Marijuana Legislation : Instead, new standards are needed: to confirm that pregnant citizens have the same rights and privacy as all...
Indra Lusero & Heather Thompson | 4/7/14
LETTER: Corrected Facts About the Chairlift : In fact a company has purchased the chairlift and it will soon be picked up and delivered to its new destination...
Bob Hart | 4/7/14
OPINION: Seeking to Safeguard the Personal Liberties of County Residents : Collecting the signatures of the required 5 percent of the previous voting electors is no small task....
Jeff Maeher | 4/4/14
OPINION: Freedom of Speech : Closely related to individual free speech is freedom of the press...
Albert Jenab | 4/3/14
LETTER: Thoughts About Our Visitors Center : The parties that have been directly involved may need a fresh perspective...
Lee Riley | 4/3/14
LETTER: Financial Wreck Center : By 2034, this annual shortfall will be $5,000 per man, woman and child...
John Ramberg | 4/2/14
OPINION: April Fools : The campaign has been ugly, for those of us who've taken a side on the issue...
Bill Hudson | 4/1/14
LETTER: The Dream of 5 Percent Growth : But it takes more than just opposable thumbs and a laptop to make valid 25-year projections...
Albert Jenab | 4/1/14
Arts, Culture, Community 
LIBRARY NEWS: Lifelong Learning Lecture Series Returns : 'Wilderness history and law on the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act...'
Carole Howard & Library Staff | 4/10/14
Plant and Garden Expo Next Week : Local area vendors will be showing off a number of items you can find in stock to help with your Rocky Mountain gardening...
Special to the Post | 4/8/14
An Historic Visit to Tosido Springs : 'Ute tradition supported by white history tells that they found and won the spring from the Navajo over 100 years ago...'
Camille Cazedessus | 4/4/14
Ron & Cindy Gustafson... A Force of Nature, Part Two : 'The General didnít know what hit him. They were instant friends...'
DC Duncan | 4/3/14
LIBRARY NEWS: Please Participate in Our Survey : We are eager to get input from our patrons ó and equally eager to reach out to non-library users to get their views...
Carole Howard & Library Staff | 4/3/14
Ron & Cindy Gustafson... A Force of Nature, Part One : 'She formed the group while in a wheelchair in July of 2008...'
DC Duncan | 4/2/14
DEVIL MOUNTAIN CHRONICLES: A Message for Al Hirt : I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and started scribbling as he dictated a short message to me over the phone...
DC Duncan | 4/1/14
Business, Health, Education 
NEW Lee Riley's Real Estate Report : The Council agreed to our request, and delayed the decision until after the election...
Lee Riley | 4/15/14
NEW Ten Tips for Paying Your Federal Taxes : You can pay taxes electronically 24/7 on
Special to the Post | 4/15/14
Only Seven Sponsorship Slots Left for Car Show : Join the fun at the 6th Annual Pagosa Springs Car & Motorcycle Show held in Pagosa Springs May 16-18...
Special to the Post | 4/11/14
Is Your Forest Healthy? : The Citizen Science Brigade will have a kick off meeting on April 18 at the Ross Aragon Community Center...
Special to the Post | 4/11/14
Red Cross Hires New Regional Director : 'I am really going to get out there and try to recruit volunteers...'
Bill Fortune | 4/10/14
Energy-Efficient Home Improvements Can Lower Your Taxes : This tax credit is 30 percent of the cost of alternative energy equipment installed on or in your home...
Special to the Post | 4/3/14
Recreation & Environment 
Essays, Poetry, Humor 
ESSAY: Budgets as Moral Documents : Unfortunately, in our current dysfunctional national body politic, there lacks the leadership and courage...
Robert Dodge | 4/14/14
HUMOR: The Coming Hobbit Economy : And the evil kingdom of Mordor?
Louis Cannon | 4/11/14
ESSAY: America's Peace Ships : By the time the stricken vessel reached its home port in Japan, the 23 crew members were in advanced stages of radiation poisoning...
Lawrence S. Wittner | 4/10/14
ESSAY: Any Courtroom in China : 'International law is not an empty promise, and treaties must be enforced...'
John LaForge | 4/8/14
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